Sirius' mission is to provide Halifax dog owners with an extraordinary commitment to the health, happiness and care of their dog.

The goal is to offer a dog walking experience for owners who are looking for:

  • A consistent rapport with a walker and group of companions,
  • Off-leash walks in the wilderness,
  • Appropriate exercise to develop a well adjusted dog.

My guarantee is to continuously develop a responsible service as if your dog is my own.

Our Services

  • Wilderness Treks: 2 hours (includes pick-up, drop off & optional treats and water top-up)

There currently is a waiting list for the wilderness treks. If you would like your dog to be added to the waiting list, please complete the following confidential online form found here: www.siriusdogwalking.com/requests

  • In-home Dog Sitting and House Sitting


How do the wilderness hikes work?

Monday to Friday I pick-up your dog(s) from your home, we drive to one of a number of trails away from city distractions for a two hour adventure (based on weather/seasonality and/or your dogs ability) until we return to the vehicle to be transported home.

Why wilderness and why 2 hours?

Standard dog walkers in Halifax typically offer hour long walks in the city between $15-25 per hour. Sirius' wilderness treks are designed to take your dog on an adventure. This means your dog gets more exercise, is healthier, spends less time home alone (higher ratio of trail time vs. transportation time) and is returned well adjusted to home life.

I am focused on offering the best dog walking service not only in Halifax but any city.

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Why the name Sirius?

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Also known as the 'Dog Star' and part of the constellation 'Canis Major' a.k.a. 'Greater Dog'.  

First recorded by the Egyptians as the icon symbolising the advent of the rising of the Nile and referred to as the 'Dog Day's of summer. Sirius also plays a prominent role in Greek Mythology and is known as Orion's hunting dog. Click photo for more detail found at Wikipedia.