Winter Dave

Winter Dave

Summer Dave

Dave Gordon. Dog Walker.

I love dogs and I love the outdoors. I've always had a connection with dogs and found myself walking for owners who didn't have the schedule, or the ability to exercise as I do.

Prior to this business I worked in offices for years. I loved what I did, but I just did it as a means to ultimately get out and explore the outdoors. One summer I realized either I dream of the future or do what I love now.

My experience with dogs started in 1992 with Buddy, my black lab who departed this world in 2007. It takes a while to find a new companion and I promised myself there either needs to be room to roam, and/or I have a schedule where any new addition could be by my side each and every day.

A new companion has yet to come, but in the meantime my goal is to offer a dog walking service that rivals any service in any city in the world.

Sirius Dog Walking all started one day on a walk to Duncan's Cove with Charlie; a good friends dog.

In my spare time I camp, hike, portage, sail, and ski. For years as a boy scout I have been familiar with the trails around Halifax. These places are where I know I feel most relaxed and the dogs are in harmony, free from city distractions.

There are tens of thousands of dogs in HRM and numbers are growing in and around Metro, specifically on the peninsula. With only two full time off-leash areas, the city needs services like this and I know there are people who see the benefit of a service that's not your average walk around the block.

I'm proud of my track record to date and if you still aren't sure, I recommend reading what others are saying