Gayle Q.

Eastern Passage, NS


I just started using Sirius Dog Walking service for my 16 week old pup (Bella) who needs to be let out while I am at work all day, I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude for Dave and the job that he does.  

We live in Eastern Passage, and Dave comes from Halifax every weekday to take Bella out - which is such a relief for me, as I know that she is getting much needed pee break and exercise.  As we also have a 12-year old dog, it is very beneficial for her as well, as I already notice an improvement in her energy level.

I have no worries at all, Dave is professional, consistent, provides feedback and photos (which are awesome), he has a great website, and I believe that he takes this job very seriously as it does hold a great deal of responsibility.

It is my hope that Bella will soon be able to join the other dogs on the longer hikes - I know she will greatly enjoy it, and we all benefit from it.

I thank Dave for his hard work, and professional work ethic, and most especially for taking such good care of 'my girls'


Rick L.

Dartmouth, NS


Found Sirius Dog walking on the net without knowing the owner Dave. Trying to feel him out Before entrusting him with key to the house and Broadway , a 13 yr.old d Springer. Dave soon put me at ease when he volunteered to pay me a visit and meet me and Mr Bro.  

We have since worked together for several months and it is such a relief from worry and concern.

He travels from Halifax to Dartmouth every midday to let Bro out into the back garden and spends time with him.  His fees are extremely reasonable for the service and he is truly motivated by providing good care and love to the dog rather than financial compensation. When he took a week off to go wilderness hiking he provided us with an assistant who he took time to bring over in advance to insure that the transition was seem less .

We have 2 rescue cats who remain happy but housebound for their own safety. One tries to escape and bolt off to the Hwy..... It was a worry that is now alleviated by Dave's care and vigilance .

I almost feel compelled to laud Dave for his honesty and reliability and general professionalism.

That is what I feel. Multiply that by 10 and you might get a sense of how  Broadway feels. Not only has he access to outside to pee but he has a friend who he truly likes.  He is happy to see me when I return from work but he is calmer after having his long wait having spent time with Dave.

What else can I say? Oh yes: "What  difference a Dave makes !"

 Corey S.

Bedford, NS


I was Sirius dog walking's second customer, my dog charlie, a large Belgian Sheppard with limitless energy, comes home after a 2 to 3 hour wilderness or park walk, wet, tired, and happy. when I get home from my job on the road, I feel less rushed and relaxed because the dog is already tired, and ready to be cozy. I still walk her my self, but only because I enjoy the walks, she tends to pull less however after being properly stimulated during the day. What I like about Dave's business, is that he is flexible, professional and I trust him with my large breed dog. Further more he saved my dog from choking on a stick on one occasion when I happened to be near him on a weekend at a trail. If anyone wants more piece of mind, I am winning to provide an on phone reference for dave. @ 902 210 9990

thanks sirius dog walking

C Strong

Glen C.

Halifax, NS 


I'm giving Sirius Dog Walking 5 stars because this is the best dog walking service I have come across. Dave takes the dogs on long hikes, in what amounts to a wilderness adventure for the dog. My dog, Fergus, loves it, which is evidenced by his excitement when he sees Dave pull into the driveway, coupled with his enthusiasm to dash out to Dave's van to get things underway.

For Fergus, he gets a nice long walk, plenty of exercise, fresh air , and the company of other dogs. I get peace of mind knowing that my dog is in vary capable hands and receiving the best possible care. It's nice knowing that he's not just getting a walk he's getting a workout. The result is a healthier, happier and better behaved dog.  

An added bonus is the pictures that Dave will text or post on Facebook while he has the dogs out hiking. It leaves me feeling guilt free knowing that Fergus isn't sitting home alone for hours on end and it is welcome confirmation that Fergus has been picked up and is safe and happy. Dave is reliable and he really knows dogs.

I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a dog walker.

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